Habib Hasbini Lawyer

Law Offices of Hasbini - U.S. Employment lawyer

Habib Hasbini holds three (3) law degrees. He received his first law degree from the Lebanese University in Beirut, faculty of law. In the year 2000, Mr. Hasbini became a licensed Attorney in Lebanon and represented numerous small and medium-sized businesses and advised them on various employment and labor issues, compliance, and business-related matters. Mr. Hasbini served in numerous judicial seminars in the judicial institution for the Ministry of Justice.

After finishing his legal studies in Lebanon, Mr. Hasbini found it crucial to be globally aware of the outside world and broaden his legal studies. He traveled to the U.S. and completed his Masters in Laws of Comparative Law (LL.M.) from the California Western School of Law in San Diego. He then worked for several law firms that specialize in Labor and Employment law.

During his employment and labor law tenure, Mr. Hasbini worked on numerous cases including unlawful discrimination, harassment, retaliation, whistle-blowing, wrongful termination, and wage and hour claims. He also worked on numerous wage and hour class action lawsuits. Mr. Hasbini successfully opposed motions for summary judgment and pre-trial motions, participated in a number of mediation and settlement conferences, and provided invaluable assistance in the trial.

Mr. Hasbini was also in charge of the entire litigation proceedings, determined the legal courses of action, and oversaw the entire legal procedures. He was in charge of ensuring proper compliance with California Rules of Civil Procedures, California Rules of Court, and local rules. His experience in employment and labor law extended for eight (8) years. After his LL.M., Mr. Hasbini received his Juris Doctor from the California Western School of Law in San Diego.